Learning Links
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Multiple Subject Areas: Favorite Links

K-3 Brain Pop
with Move Clips with Annie and Moby and more

BrainPop 4th and Up with Movie Clips with Tim and Moby and more

Environmental Education for Kids

My Schoolhouse

Mr. Nussbaum.com

Language Arts


Reading Rainbow

Spaghetti Book Club: Book Reviews Written by and for Children

Tumble Book Library
username: guilfordlakes
password: books


AAA Spelling


Ask Dr. Math

Helping Your Child Learn Math


Math Playground

Math Dictionary and More

AAA Math


The link below takes you to the Everyday Math web site that your child
is learning everyday in his or her classroom.


Everyday Mathematics Center


If you are computer savvy, you may search for specific math topics and find many, many more. It is best to preview sites before showing them to your child to ensure that the content is appropriate.

Updated: 5/31/12

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